Dr. Kanika Bell

Licensed Psychologist

I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College and received an M.S. in psychology from Auburn University Montgomery and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Auburn University.  I did my internship at Wayne State School of Medicine and postdoctoral studies at Emory University School of Medicine. I am a licensed clinical psychologist working in a number of capacities in the Atlanta area. I am a professor in the Department of Psychology at Clark Atlanta teaching courses in forensic psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and psychological testing as well as supervising the internship course.  I also provide professional consultation to organizations and businesses and have led trainings and workshops on myriad topics to diverse populations including stress management in the workplace, coping with children with behavior disorders in the home, confronting issues of racial, gender, sexual-orientation and weight discrimination, HIV and AIDS counseling, healthy notions of womanhood and the relationship between mental and physical health.  I work with adults with severe mental illnesses at a psychosocial rehabilitation center, I complete evaluations for social service agencies that provide in-home intensive family intervention and CORE services, and I work with adolescents facing charges in the Fulton County Juvenile Court. 

I serve as one of the co-founders of ATL Psychotherapy and Consulting Services, LLC and divide my time there among doing therapy, providing assessments, doing trainings and workshops and supervising postdoctoral and predoctoral interns. In terms of assessment, I have extensive experience providing evaluations related to ADHD, bariatric surgery and organ transplant hopefuls, parental fitness, psychosexual issues, vocational and career exploration,  autism spectrum disorder screenings, and general intellectual, academic and personality testing.  I specialize in an eclectic mix of cognitive behavioral therapy and insight-oriented therapy geared toward assisting the client in discovering his or her own answers and taking control of his or her own life.  I treat children, adolescents and adults and particularly specialize in young children with attachment disorders, abuse histories, and foster care placement, teens negotiating identity issues and coping with chronic oppositional behavior, adults coping with occupational or relationship stress, chronic medical problems, and women's issues, and older adults confronting life's changes.  Sometimes the support of others with similar experiences is therapeutic. I also lead revolving therapy groups for specific populations such as adolescent girls, parents caring for children with behavioral problems, or socially anxious adults.

My job as a psychologist is to create and maintain a judgment-free environment for individuals to express themselves openly and get to know, and accept themselves. I enjoy inspiring others to break free from maladaptive patterns and escape ruts that hinder growth and emotional healthiness.  As such, my role in the therapeutic relationship is to provide assistance to those searching for change, answers, or new ways of thinking and responding to life's challenges.

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