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Dr. Kanika Bell

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Dr. Gweneth Martin Hayes

Therapy Sessions
Psychological Testing
  • Psychological Evaluations 

  • Forensic Assessments

  • Vocational and Aptitude Testing

  • Psycho-educational Testing

Therapeutic Services

We provide individual, couples and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.

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Our Goals

"My goal is to create and maintain a judgment-free environment for individuals to express themselves openly and get to know, and accept themselves. I enjoy inspiring others to break free from maladaptive patterns, and escape ruts that hinder growth and emotional healthiness. As such, my role in the therapeutic relationship is to provide assistance to those searching for change, answers, or even new ways of thinking and responding to life's daily challenges."

- Dr. Kanika Bell


"My goal is to facilitate healthy lifestyles by offering support and utilizing humor, while motivating and empowering individuals in areas of personal, community, and professional growth."

Dr. Gweneth Martin Hayes,

Come on In

Thank you for visiting our website! We recognize the stressors of everyday life can very quickly leave you searching for answers. You may have spent a great deal of time looking for these answers, but actually found very few solutions. We believe the answer begins with you taking that first step and calling us today.

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