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Psychological Testing

Psychological Evaluations are a complete and thorough examination of your cognitive, academic, and behavioral/socio-emotional functioning. Problems can arise in all areas of your life, and these difficulties can be related to psychological functioning or intellectual ability. This assessment will provide a clearer understanding of your strengths and abilities, and provide you with recommendations to help you move closer to your life goals and objectives.

Forensic Assessments are an evaluation of your cognition, mood, personality, and/or behavior for the purposes of assisting attorneys or the Court in legal matters. The evaluation can be used to educate the judge and jury on the impact of your emotional/behavioral functioning on your particular court case.

  • Parent fitness evaluation       

  • Substance abuse evaluation

  • Disability evaluation

  • Child custody

  • Competency to stand trial

  • Psycho-sexual evaluation


Vocational and Aptitude Testing provides in-depth assessment to help you develop realistic career plans. This testing can assist you with choosing a course of study or major; identifying career options, developing critical skills and accomplishments, and discovering work-related values and interests. These tests are useful for assisting high school students with selecting a major and a college, for college students and recent graduates deciding on a graduate school or professional school, as well as for people considering mid-career changes.

Psychoeducational Testing is a set of assessment procedures administered and interpreted to obtain information about your development, learning, memory, academic history, behavior, and mental health. The testing will help identify specific learning styles and play a significant role in developing an individualized education plan. This evaluation is also required for a diagnosis of a mental retardation, learning disability, or attention deficit disorder, thereby qualifying students to receive additional assistance and support in reaching their academic goals.

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